“Aesthetics” is a short film by Jakob Garde and Moritz Fischinger which discusses the philosophy and importance of art.
Premiere: January 2, 2020 – Kino im kleinen Theater, Bargteheide -22;30
“Pandemic Living” is a short film by the Young Nordic Filmmakers 2019 and is showing life in self-isolation during the pandemic of COVID-19, which spread at the beginning of 2020.
“DVD Crime” is part of a short film festival by Jake Kuhn, where you have to choose a number between 1-100 and he will give you a topic. You have one week to finish your film… however, I was busy and in the end, only had 5 hours left. I chose topic no. 36: “a detective launches an investigation to find out who didn’t put a DVD back in its original case”

Music Videos

Dear Old Lady In The Flower Shop is the new song written and produced by Kjell Kitzing. This is the official music video to the song.
Kjell Kitzing is a young, independent musician who writes and produces all songs himself.
This is the result of a challenge, where Jakob Garde and Moritz Fischinger tried to make a music video while writing the song for it.

Client Work

This film showcases the young carpenter’s competition “Holz bewegt 2021”, which exhibition in the museum of work in Hamburg, unfortunately, couldn’t publicly open this year, due to Corona.
“Holz bewegt” is a project that takes a different approach on teaching carpenter trainees their craftsmanship.
An image film made for Nicole Sletvolt-Hafenrichter and her alternative practitioner’s academy in Lübeck.
Sabine Rossen is the inventor of the “Sabienenwachstuch”,
a great solution for the zero-waste movement. 
It is organic and contains 0% plastic, yet it is better than any common plastic foil.
“The Academie” is a part of the exchange program between the student-company Chocotravel from Germany and Tea Spring of Life in Tanzania 2019. 

Young Nordic Filmmaker

“Process” is the result of a challenge by the ‘Nordic Filmdays 2019’ in Lübeck to shoot a documentary in one week.
This time Moritz Fischinger and his team are following another group as they are going through their ups and downs in shooting a documentary. Will they finish it until the deadline?
“Focus” is the result of a challenge by the ‘Nordic Filmdays 2018’ in Lübeck to shoot a documentary in one week.
Jakob Garde, Tobias Kold, and Moritz Fischinger run around the old small city to find out what hypnosis therapy is all about.


“Home” is a short documentation by Moritz Fischinger, that was made during his second journey to Tanzania. It is all about the topic of home with a view on Tanzanian life
“Prejudices” is a short film that was made by Moritz Fischinger during a road trip through South England. It is about different tastes and prejudices.
“Cultures” is a run and gun short film by Moritz Fischinger and was produced during a Tanzanian student exchange in Germany. It shows the experience of the African students and what they learn from the journey.