Morty Films

I’m Morty, an independent filmmaker from Hamburg, Germany.

If you want to work with me, have a project idea, or want to have an image film for your business, simply get in touch:

I only want the best quality for all my clients, so I offer films with a resolution of up to 4k.
I also offer full HD with up to 120fps to get epic slow motion.
Music is one of the most important things in every film.
I only use high-quality music from
That way you also don’t have to worry about any copy strikes when uploading your film.
All my projects are filmed in a flat color profile and graded in post. This is the same way how it is done in big productions, so it gives your film a true Hollywood feeling.
You want to impress your audience?
I offer drone footage in stunning 4k with one of the best DJI drones on the market.

Want to hire me as a photographer?